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Professor Kelley,

I just wanted to say that I very much so enjoyed your course.  You have bestowed upon me a new outlook on life, and a myriad of tools that I intend on using in my day to day life.  the four days went by extremely quickly, you made the class interesting and comfortable and I wish we had another day or two as everything you taught has helped me so much.  Thank you very much.



UNH class of 2010

Curry College - Plymouth Campus

Comment #1

Dear Professor,

Your class was one of the only classes I've taken where the Professor actually knows the names of the students, assists all in participating whether they want to or not and creates learning experiences to suit all learning styles.  The cooperative spirit among all the members of your class was unlike any I have seen in my 18 months at Curry.  Your enthusiasm is contagious and it is clearly evident that you have a passion for teaching.

Comment #2 (excerpt)

A final paper may be worth 20%, but what I walked away from your class with is much more than a percentage or a letter grade.  I now feel confident and competent when I engage in interactions, meetings, and conflict situation.  I'll give you a 100% or a letter grade of "A" for effectively teaching me about conflict management, mediation, and negotiations.  Your teaching style provided a balance of structure and freedom, along with choices and options.

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and walked away with tools to manage conflict and life skills.  Thank you for allowing me to learn.

Dear Professor----remember me?  You might not---let me refresh your memory,  Nicole, RN-BC...psych nurse who had the pleasure of learning all about conflict resolution and sooooooo much more...

The reason for this letter is to inform you that I have chosen what you taught me, as one of the most inspirational and useful educational outcomes of the Curry College curriculum, and how you, your method of teaching, and your knowledge has promoted my intellectual and social growth.

FRAMES, FRAMES, and more FRAMES,,,,,amazing...eye-opener!!!!!

HOT---if u remain this way---no one wonders what's on your mind!!!!!

DESIDERATA-----awesome!!!!! excellent directions for life.....

And when it comes to conflict resolution, I have found professionally and personally that most of the conflicts i'm involved in are interest-based and a consensual solution can be reached with dialogue....u gave me the tools---priceless....

and I will add, because i memorized it and share it when i feel a conflict coming on.....


Rumi, the Persian poet, wrote 800 years ago...Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing---there is a field...I'll meet you there!  WISER COUNSEL HAS NOT BEEN HEARD SINCE !!!!!

ok- will forward u a copy of my final paper when graded---hope to see u at commencement!


Dear professor,


It has been a while since we last spoke,

Hope you're doing well and that you're enjoying the summer weather,

I thought we will never get the chance to see the "sun out" this summer!!!


Scholl is done for me, soon I will be moving to DC, And I wanted to write you before leaving Boston.


My endless thanks for the great learning experience you offered,

And the constant "leading strikes" you showed whether in or outside classes,

I learned a lot from you, both on the professional and personal level,

So thank you a lot...

I would like to keep in touch with you while in DC,

And will keep you updated about my academic/ professional career,

As well, I would like to hear from you from time to time,

I know you're always busy, but I also know that you're very well organized.


Wishing you all the best in your life,

Hope the days to come will bring you prosperity, success, faith, hope and love.




Hi Professor sk,


Attached is my final paper.  I look forward to hearing your feedback.  Also, please let me know if I am missing any assignments.


Here are my 3 questions:


How do you avoid accepting full responsibility?  for example, what if someone fails to see having any part in contributing to the conflict?


What is/are the key(s) to avoid sounding/acting defensive in a conflict?


What to do when you feel you'be arrived at a point where you "over-think" a conflict?


***I never thought I'd EVER feel this way about school, but I truly miss this class.  I feel it is one of the most impressive ccourses I have taken in my college career.  thank you for being such a positive contributor!  i am sure you'll get another "your class changed my life" email from me...