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This course is designed to inform the participants about leadership practice in everyday life. The goal of this course is to engender the knowledge, attitudes, and desire to lead you to know leadership, wear leadership, share leadership, and make leadership stick in your personal and public life. By means of careful aim, we invite you to communicate a script for your life through leadership principles. We will explore and define how great leaders develop, evolve, and communicate. Central themes to be shared are personal growth, charisma, myth, vision, urgency, power, framing, integrity, and public consciousness. Competencies to be developed include goal-setting with personal growth in mind, public speaking (and storytelling), situational analysis, teamwork, reflective practice, understanding social conflict, effective writing, persuasion, and trust-building.

Core competencies in leadership, motivation psychology, and assimilation methodology are explored and strengthened through class discussion and lecture. Simulations and role-plays will provide additional practical experience in stepping into leadership roles.

An ethical framework is embraced as a cornerstone of personal, business, and our increasing global interactions and perspectives. Course materials focus on understanding the need for leadership and the development of each individualís capacity for reflective thought with the intention of producing purposeful action. We focus and attempt to improve participants' cultural-diversity awareness- a must for business professionals.