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Conflict Management:

This course is designed to teach participants how to negotiate, problem-solve, and manage conflict in everyday work settings. Learners will explore the delivery and content of the messages we send to our conflict partners, both intended and unintended, as well as the conscious and subconscious messages we send. Communication is explored with an eye and ear toward understanding what we say, why and how we say it, to whom, and when it is best said. Learners will be exposed to distributive and integrative negotiation theories and will learn to identify and use negotiation techniques, prepare strategies for negotiations in conflict settings, practice newly acquired learnings through simulations, and learn techniques for successful interaction.

Participants will develop and improve existing communication skills and learn problem-solving and team-building skills. Core competencies in psychology and assimilation methodology are explored and strengthened through class discussion and lecture. Simulations and role-plays will provide additional practical experience in third-party roles as a mediator and will give the learner additional insight into perspective-taking; the integral component in long-term successful relationship-building.

An ethical framework is embraced as a cornerstone of personal, business, and our increasing global interactions and perspectives. Course materials focus on reducing and managing conflict in both the workplace and everyday life, and in addition, attempt to improve participants' cultural-diversity awareness- a must for business professionals and global entrepreneurs.